A Kiss Before the Apocalypse by Thomas E. Sniegoski


A Kiss Before the Apocalypse

"The most inventive novel you'll buy this year. A hard-boiled noir fantasy by turns funny, unsettling, and heartbreaking. This is the story Sniegoski was born to write, and a character I can't wait to see again." - Christopher Golden, bestselling author of The Boys Are Back in Town

"Tightly focused and deftly handled, this adult debut from YA and comic book author Sniegoski (The Fallen) covers familiar ground in entertaining new ways. The angel Remiel wanders the Earth in human form as private investigator Remy Chandler, experiencing the mortal life while indulging his fondness for the trappings of noir. When the Angel of Death vanishes, Heaven hires Chandler to find him as well as a missing set of scrolls that could bring about the apocalypse. Sniegoski's choice to frame this high concept with a straight noir detective tale grounds the world for the reader and highlights the mystical elements. Chandler's dog, Marlowe, written with a humorous but heartfelt voice, shows off Chandler's ability to talk to animals and provides some charming comic relief. Fans of urban fantasy and classic detective stories will enjoy this smart and playful story."- Publishers Weekly

"Blurring the lines between good and evil, A Kiss Before the Apocalypse will keep readers riveted until the very end. This is an emotional journey that's sometimes filled with sadness, but once it begins you won't want to walk away. Mr. Sniegoski defines the hero in a way that makes him very real and thoroughly human. While the supernatural plays a large and detailed role, much of Remy's decisions come from his human heart as opposed to the angel's intellect and strength that he keeps locked away. Fast-moving, well-written and wonderfully enchanting, this is one that fantasy readers won't want to miss." - Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

"This reviewer prays there will be more novels starring Remy, a being who could return to Heaven any time he wants, but so far chooses to live amongst humans because he relishes the emotions that Heaven does not have. Not everyone will agree with his choice as many people strive on going to Heaven not running from heaven, but the audience will believe he is on earth for a reason as he does great things for humanity. This heartwrenching beautiful urban fantasy will grip readers with its potent emotional fervor." - Harriet Klausner

A Hundred Words for Hate

"Sniegoski nicely juggles a large cast and throws in some touching moments (Remy's conversations with his late wife, Madeline, are especially sweet) and humor (as always, provided by Remy's dog, Marlowe) to balance the epic violence. There's more than enough nonintrusive exposition to let new readers jump into the story, while longtime fans will appreciate the development of recurring characters such as fallen angel Francis." - Publishers Weekly

Mean Streets

"Readers will be delighted with this collection of original novellas tied to popular crime/fantasy series. The standout is Sniegoski's Noah Orphans, in which angel PI Remy Chandler must solve the murder of the biblical Ark's builder, whose battered corpse is found on an abandoned oil rig. Sniegoski manages to make a far-fetched setup both plausible and moving. [...] All solid and suspenseful, these stories are sure to please."

- Publishers Weekly


Remy Goes to Mars

Remy's name is on Mars. No, really. We've learned that the name Remy Chandler is one of a million names of Planet Earth's citizens placed on a microchip on the Mars Science Laboratory rover. Many thanks to Dr. Kenn Gold, the Director of Research & Development at Emergent Space Techologies, who added Remy's name to this!

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Remy goes to Mars!

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