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Aaron Corbet isn't a bad kid . . . He's just a little different.

From best-selling author Thomas E. Sniegoski comes a series of supernatural thrillers called The Fallen.

At the center of our story is Aaron Corbet, an eighteen-year old orphan and foster child who is suddenly discovering newfound - and sometimes supernatural - talents. But not until he is approached by two mysterious strangers does he learn the truth about his own special destiny, and his role as a liaison between angels, mortals, and Powers both good and evil, some hell-bent on his own destruction...


Meet the main characters of the series:

Aaron Corbet: The Fallen’s teenage protagonist. Orphaned at birth, and the foster child of Tom and Lori Stanley, Aaron learns on his eighteenth birthday that he is a Nephilim - the child of a human woman and an angel.

Gabriel: Aaron Corbet’s Labrador Retriever and best friend. Has a fondness for having his belly scratched and chasing his ball. As with most dogs of his breed, Gabriel has an insatiable appetite for all kinds of food.

The Stanleys: Thomas and Lori Stanley are Aaron’s foster parents.

Steven Stanley: The seven year old birth child of the Stanleys. Aaron’s foster brother. The child is afflicted with the neurological disorder autism.

Vilma Santiago: One of Aaron’s classmates and his secret crush. He thinks this Brazilian native is the most beautiful girl that he has ever seen. She finds him pretty cute as well.

Dr. Michael Jonas: Aaron’s counselor/psychiatrist. He attempts to help Aaron deal with the sudden manifestation of a unique ability to understand all foreign languages.

Ezekiel: Zeke to some. He is a member of the angelic host of angels called The Grigori. The Grigori were sent to Earth from Heaven to keep the newly emerging human race from being corrupted by evil influences. They failed their mission miserably.

The Powers: The villains of our tale. A powerful host of angels who act as enforcers, carrying out what they perceive to be the wishes of God, destroying what they see as being offensive to the Creator.

Verchiel: The bloodthirsty leader of the Powers.

Camael: Former leader of the Powers. He abandoned his position of authority many millennia ago having grown tired of the violence perpetrated by The Powers’ mission.

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About the Author

Thomas E. Sniegoski is the author of more than two dozen novels for adults, teens, and children. His other books for teens include Sleeper Code, Sleeper Agenda, Legacy, and Force Majeure, as well as the series The Brimstone Network. His adult novels include A Kiss Before the Apocalypse, Dancing on the Head of a Pin, and Where Angels Fear to Tread. Sniegoski's work for younger readers includes the funny superhero series Billy Hooten: Owlboy and the fantasy quartet OutCast, which he co-authored with Christopher Golden. 

Learn more about the author at or send him an email.


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